Saturday night's all right for rioting

It went pretty much the way most of us expected in Portland for May Day. There was a bunch of earnest marching around during the day, and then a crapshow downtown at night.

In the night session, downtown was once again out of control for a few hours. The anarchist woke and affiliated psychopaths smashed windows and graffitied up a number of businesses along with City Hall. Three different Starbucks were hit. The cops were in their usual reactive mode, and so quite a bit of damage was done before the party petered out.

Meanwhile, there was some standoff action down at the Randy Leonard Memorial Immigration Jail in the South Waterfront Apartment Bunker Farm. One guy was arrested with a knife in his hand. I saw that the kids had a small fire of some kind lit, and the federal "protective" jackboots shot off some pepper balls and less-lethals. I think there was a brief daytime session of some sort as well.

The over/under on arrests for the day was 4.5, and as of this hour the local cops show six. So if you had the over, it paid at -115.

One of the people arrested, Phoebe Loomis, had also been arrested in the Portland May Day riot of 2017. And at least some of the others are no strangers to the county jail. But as best I can tell, no one who was arrested is still in custody or had to pay bail. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

It's going to be a long summer.

The official version is here


  1. So why is Teddy giving lip service to arresting rioters?
    Did the downtown land owners finally get his attention?


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