Saturday night unspecial

The gunfire over here on Portland's east side has gotten pretty frightening. In what has become all too routine, a Saturday night party in Lents saw one person shot dead

Even worse, another person was shot and critically wounded at 3:00 on Friday afternoon in Beaumont Wilshire, a block from a city park. At an intersection that yours truly has passed through on foot many a time.

When you read stories like these, you think, "Maybe I should be getting out of here. But where would I go? Canada?"

No, not Canada. Check out what's going on in the Real Vancouver. A gang execution in broad daylight yesterday, at the airport no less.

God help our sick world.


  1. Gee who could have predicted that getting rid of cops would encourage more shooting?

    1. The Portland solution will be to further defund the Police.


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