Letter from Joe

Are you like me? Are you deeply relieved to not have Orange Caligula in the White House? You wake up in the morning without the dread, even a slight nausea, that came with knowing in your bones that something was very wrong in the world.

One thing I liked about the new President was how he didn't grandstand on the emergency stimulus money being sent out to the country's everyday moms and pops. Remember when the Spray-Tan Menace insisted that his signature go on all the checks? That was outrageous. It was nice that his successor didn't waste taxpayer money with that.

I say, it was nice. Because lately taxpayers have been getting scary-looking envelopes in the mail with the Internal Revenue Service as the return address, and a letter like this inside:

On the back, the same letter in Spanish.

My fellow Americans, this is a bit of a disappointment. But if it's the worst one we get from the Biden White House, we'll be lucky.