Get it on

It's hard to believe, but a little over a year from now, Oregonians will be voting in primary elections for the candidates to become our next governor. Eighteen months from now, we'll have our successor to "Killer" Kate Brown, who's term-limited out.

I've mentioned here previously that on the blue side, the state attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, has that hungry look, and not so lean: She's raking in the campaign cash. Just the other day Robert Sacks and Marsha Naegeli wrote some more checks. They're earning some sort of frequent flyer miles in the Rosenblum campaign.

Anyway, much more amusing is the red side, where the winner of the primary will stand little or no chance in November unless the Democrats do something really stupid like nominate Dud Wheeler. The GOP candidate will doubtlessly supply the media with one howler after another all summer long and half the fall.

This week the Republican player making the most noise is a guy named Stan Pulliam, who's the mayor of the small town of Sandy, on the way up to Mount Hood from Portland.

As Mayor I have been outspoken in opposition to Governor Brown’s crippling regulations that have permanently closed many of our state’s cherished shops and restaurants, among others....

The culture of criminality that our state has allowed to fester in Oregon’s big cities must come to an end. We need to back our local law enforcement officers and provide them with proper training and public support....

Together, we’ve learned that there is more that unites us than that which divides us, and that there is no challenge too great for us to face as a community working together.

I hope that the Sandy Way, as we call it, becomes the norm, not the exception.

But please note, the Sandy Way also involves breaking laws we don't agree with and suing people when we don't like the outcome of the established process.

Pop some popcorn. It's gonna be funny.