Correction: Blazers need just one win

I wasted a bunch of time this morning trying to figure out the Blazers' playoff scenarios under the league's complex tiebreaker rules. And as I feared I might, I screwed it up. My earlier post was incorrect. The situation is actually much easier for Portland than I thought.

All the Blazers need is one win in its next two games to avoid the dreaded "play-in tournament." The Blazers also avoid the "play-in" if the Lakers lose either of their remaining games.

A reader alerted me to the fact that my source was incorrect about what would happen in the event of a three-way tie among Portland, Dallas, and the Lakers. In that situation, the Lakers would be subjected to the "play-in" games. The Blazers, with the head-to-head advantage over both Dallas and the Lakers, would make the playoffs outright. Thanks to the reader for the correction.

Here is the three-way rule, straight from the league's official website:

And so the only way the Blazers will be stuck in the "play-in" ordeal is if they lose both of their remaining games and the Lakers win both of theirs. Which, of course, could very well happen. And so I still say, go Indiana! Beat L.A.! Win one for Mother Pence!