Another fly for the ointment

On the long list of problems faced by the City of Portland, lack of meaningful police accountability has been in the Top 10 for a long time. In November, the voters voted 4-to-1 to get rid of the current police review board, which is basically toothless, and replace it with a panel that has more clout. The new commission was not well thought-out before the vote, but hey, George Floyd.

So by now, six months later, the new commission is up and functioning, right? Don't be a fool. When it comes to holding cops responsible for their misdeeds, there's always a mountain to climb, and sure enough, actually putting the new board into place is at least a year away. The police union hates the idea, and the Democratic-controlled state government in Salem, which could force the union to accept it, is being its usual worthless self.

What could screw things up further? Here's an idea: Let's choose this moment to unionize the city auditor's employees, which includes the existing board's staff. That way, we can have not one, but two unions fighting the change that the voters of the city so clearly want.

Well, that's what's happening. The Weed tells the crazy tale here.

Meanwhile, the contract talks between the city and the police union continue. This week, the cops who work downtown say they want free, secure parking because they're scared to walk from their cars to the precinct house, and vice versa. No, I am not making this up.

Portland City Hall. God help us.