A missing number

A friend of mine has a worthwhile suggestion for the Oregon state public health types. The state is facing two problems right now relating to Covid. One is that the virus is surging again. The second is that vaccinations are slowing down. We're reaching the point at which everyone who was eager to get a shot has gotten theirs. A lot of those who haven't been vaccinated are hesitating.

My friend's suggestion relates to the daily statistics that the state publishes. Oh, does it ever publish statistics! But one number that is never shown is how many of those currently in hospitals with confirmed or suspected Covid had previously been vaccinated.

For example, at this writing, the state is showing 351 confirmed Covid hospitalizations, of which 80 are in intensive care units. How many of the 351 patients (and the 80) were vaccinated?  Zero?  Three?  Fifteen?  Thirty?

My friend's suspicion is that the current number in that category is zero, and that it won't rise much over the coming weeks and nmonths. Therefore, publishing the vaccinated-but-still-hospitalized number would reinforce the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Why wouldn't you publish that number? It is a reminder that the vaccines are not 100-percent effective. But people know that already. On balance, I like the suggestion.