"You need to restart"

I have reached the point in my anatomical development at which certain challenges arise. One problem involves a certain model of blue jeans that fit me quite well 40 years ago, but now does not seem to do the job.

The problem presents itself most clearly upon my bending over to perform various daily chores. For a few years now, bystanders have been tempted to insert a quarter into the slot as it becomes visible.

I don't know whether it's the pandemic or what, but the situation has deteriorated further. Yesterday they tried to insert a CD-ROM disc enabling a full reboot of Windows 95.


  1. Ha! I lamented to my physician a few years ago that my butt seemed to be shrinking as I aged. He remarked “It’s funny how the weight seems to shift to the opposite side, isn’t it?”

  2. I recently changed to the old reliable Levis's 505s, also known as the "Dad Jeans." $30 at Costco, $40-50 anywhere else. It feels pretty good to feel comfortable again. Plus, they really don't look bad at all. Just a more "generous" cut than what I was wearing.


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