We can have it all

The Portland police are reportedly going to be allowed to resurrect their gun violence squad after all. It will be called the Focused Intervention Team or some such euphemism, but it looks like what used to be called the Gang Enforcement Team, only theoretically less racist.

As part of a deal, the 24 magical park rangers proposed by the new kids on the City Council will be hired, too. What park rangers are going to do to help with the nightly shoot-'em-ups is beyond me, and them. I'm surprised that there aren't 100 grammar school lunch ladies thrown in.

There is no new money in the plan for the police squad. Which makes you wonder why a City Council vote is necessary. I thought the mayor was the police commissioner. If they're not getting any additional funding, why do the cops need the other politicians' blessing to set up a team?

This is such a great plan that the council doesn't want to hear what the public thinks of it. If you have comments, you must submit them in writing. And you'd better hurry, they announced it yesterday and apparently they're passing it today.


  1. I always tell people that want to bitch about the cops, "they only get away with what they are allowed to get away with, so blame the person managing the police who determines the boundaries". And that of course is the City council and Police Chief. Pot calling the kettle Pan of Color.

    Defunding the police is an intentional move to make us all less safe, less secure, and less trusting. Part of the long going Critical Theory of destroying society from within and replacing it with a rigid system- somewhere between former East Germany and Communist China. I will steal their term and use it against them> RESIST.


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