The chore

Are you like me? Do you hate changing passwords? Do you hate having to remember multiple passwords?

It takes a lot to get me to change them. Some places force you to switch your password every so often. But if they don't, I tend to leave well enough alone.

The problem is, it's not well enough. Hackers gonna hack, and there have been some big data breaches in the news lately. The newest one I've been following has to do with a file transfer program called Accellion, which may have exposed you to identity fraud even if you never heard of it. And an older Facebook hack is also making a lot of news these days.

And so I'm having to change some passwords this week. It's a pain, but a necessary one. I'm also getting into two-step verfification. The last thing I need is the bad guys monkeying around with my life. I'll mess it up on my own, thanks.


  1. Look into a password manager. I don’t know my own passwords anymore:

    It will also help you update old passwords and remove duplicates across sites.

    1. My Apple gadgets offer me this, but it makes me nervous. If a hacker gets into one place, they have everything.

  2. The vulnerability of having a “Fort Knox” where all your passwords are available is more than outweighed by the fact that any hacker who can break into your 1Password or Lastpass vaults is likely to be a nation-state type who can make mincemeat of anything less than a strong password management program.

    One strong and well-designed vault, maintained by pros, is a lot better security than building your own little attempts at it. Bottom line is that without a password manager that makes absurdly long and complex passwords easy and painless, you are vulnerable.


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