Teddy, put the kettle on

It's that time again in Portlandia. The avengers of all societal wrongs are out breaking stuff up. Last night they went back to Rapid Response Bio Clean, a company, headquartered over by the Ross Island Bridge, that cleans up after the city sweeps out homeless camps on public property. The "protesters" reportedly broke some glass, trashed some security cameras, and spray painted their profundities.

Let this be a lesson to people who might want to run a legit buisiness in this town: You may not participate in anything resembling orderly society. End sweeps! Land back! ACAB! End civ! Etc.!

Then the kids went over to a Chase Bank branch, apparently somewhere on the west side, and trashed it for a while.

Tonight they're heading back down to the immigration jail in the South Waterfront (SoWhat) District. That one's always a tear gasser. And good weather is on the horizon, so be prepared for a good long spell of this.

Have these act-outs actually changed anything? Specifically, have they changed anything for the better? I get the sense that the average Portlander's pendulum is starting to swing back to the right. This stuff is counter-productive.


  1. I just got your pun. Good one. I'm getting really slow on the uptake in my old age.


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