Same crap, different night

Another night, another riot in Portland. The usual gang broke a bunch of windows up and down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard last night. One of the two Popeye's restaurants – the "good one," I hear – had its entire frontage destroyed. Popeye's, that bastion of white supremacy.

Then down the street the woke avengers marched, smashing the front of the Boys and Girls Club, of all places. And it is literally right next door to a police precinct.

They also banged up a U.S. Bank branch, a Natural Grocer, and a Subway. There may have been more.

And why did they do this again? One genius was on Twitter explaining that since all property owners benefit from police violence, all windows are fair game for smashing. All righty, then! "End Civ"!

The mob violence was well publicized in advance. So where were the cops? Who knows? They did next to nothing. Two 27-year-old women, identified as Emily Keppler (left) and Emma Lightstone, were arrested at the bank branch. Whoopee. The usual official pablum is here. Keppler walked; I think Lightstone might have been kept overnight.

The police chief is apparently still on vacation. The mayor is clearly still out to lunch. If somebody with half a brain and some guts would step forward, we could have both those two out on their worthless backsides by the end of the year. The mayor, who is also the police commissioner, is begging for a recall, but the voters aren't going to send him off to golf at the Waverley unless there's somebody decent coming in behind him.

No savior has appeared. I don't think they're going to show. 

I said last summer that Portland could write off the rest of 2020. I should have said it could write off the rest of the 2020's. It is all so terribly sad.


  1. The only remedy is for the legislature to pass a Florida anti-riot law and force the police/DA to kettle, arrest, charge, prosecute and sentence the violators. And do it quick.

    1. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

    2. No, it is not going to happen. That is the point. The Only remedy is ruled out.
      Apparently, Butterbean is even laughing at it?
      Meanwhile the city is on a worsening trajectory.

  2. Portland has a mayor and city council?


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