For years now, I've been telling the young people I work with: My generation is selfishly holding onto the controls, but actuarially speaking, we'll be gone soon, and it will be your place. It's just a matter of time. You should be thinking about what you want to do differently. Heaven knows, my group has screwed most things up royally.

Yesterday I read an interesting statistic. There are now more millennials in this country (born 1981 to 1996) than there are boomers (born 1946 to 1964). The most recent tally is 72.1 million to 71.6 million. The Gen X-ers (born 1965 to 1980) are trailing with 65.2 million.

Young adults, you've got the power. Take over. Bump the tired old people out of the way and save the country, and the planet, for yourselves. Kamala Harris is 56, a tail-end boomer. Even she's getting up there.

You're smart and you have heart. We're here to help when you ask. Our feelings won't be hurt if you don't ask that often.


  1. Thank Goodness. If only the Boomers had provided a better educational system and a genuine moral example to Millennials and the Gen-Xers. Instead they are saddled with student debt in exchange for educational mediocrity and fancy sports facilities, inane social-media-driven moral compasses, and a mostly ruined government. There is an awful lot to dig out of, and not a lot of reason to feel positive about what can actually be fixed. As a Gen-Xer I always wish the Boomers had actually been able to stick to their highly-celebrated and far-too-often-cashed-in-upon ideals. The economic golden-goose handed to America after WW2 was mostly just squandered.

  2. You’ve messed up your generations. You got the boomer generation right, but the other generations are abnormally truncated.

    1. I was just going along with the divisions drawn in the article I read. To me, a generation is 25 years, per Internal Revenue Code section 2651(d)(3). That would take the Boomers from '46 to '71, the X from '72 to '97, and the Millennials from '97 to present. Or keep those years and change the labels.

  3. Lumping all of us into the same boat is lazy analysis- but I get what you mean. The huge concentration of wealth and power has taken away the ability to steer the ship on a local level. We are being fleeced royal and the fleecing has just started. Inflation is going to destroy whatever you think the boomers have hoarded. And we were in the streets by the Millions to protest going to war against Iraq, but did that have an impact?


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