Mission accomplished

I see the two biggest suits at Portland Community College are retiring soon. These are the folks who have managed to put PCC, and by extension area taxpayers, more than $630 million in debt to build a platinum-plated bricks-and-mortar campus at a time when nothing could be more worthless.

The one guy's got another year and change to go before he climbs aboard the PERS train. Then the next bobblehead will show up, and I'm sure they'll go for $1 billion in debt. What the hell, it's only money. And Portland voters will buy almost anything.

"Legend" Dan Saltzman, former Portland city councilman, is one of the geniuses with their hands on the credit card over there. Heaven help us.


  1. "And Portland voters will buy almost anything." Agreed. Oregon's initiative and referendum process might have been a good idea in 1902. It has not been a good idea for many years. Oh, but it's for the children!


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