It ain't civil unrest without Portland

The left-wing extremists of Portlandia don't need much of an excuse to go out busting things up on any given night. But this week they have the perfect excuse, what with the horrific police killing of Daunte Wright in the Minneapolis suburbs. It turns out the cop who shot Wright is the president of the police union. Twenty-five years as a police officer and she couldn't tell (supposedly) whether she was about to fire her Taser or her handgun into the young man's chest. Now he's dead. Expired license plate, air freshener, blah blah blah.

Anyway, the Portland kids, maybe 250 of them, marched through Laurelhurst last night and did a fair amount of damage to the police building at 47th and Burnside, a familiar haunt. It was a full-blown riot. The cops bull rushed them a time or two, but it didn't stop the fires and the broken glass. No one was arrested, as far as I can tell.

Meanwhle, some other avengers of all societal wrongs trashed several police vehicles in the parking lot of the traffic division office up by the bridge in St. Johns. By the time the cops got there, the perps were in the wind. No suspects have been identified.

The cops' versions of the two incidents are here and here.

For a long time, I figured the Portland police were letting the "protests" get out of hand as a way to marshal public support for a real crackdown. But after last night, it's pretty clear to me that the chief and the commanders don't really care what happens now. They're letting it break down, with no plan for turning it around. It's a spite thing. 

I'm afraid this town is in for even harder times than we've seen so far. Make sure your insurance is paid up.


  1. It's a complete clusterf*ck and Portland as a livable city is gone.

    1. Unlivable downtown, and assorted blocks through the city, but certainly very livable in Irvington, SW Hills, Nob Hill, etc., etc.. It's the same story.


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