I see the crystal visions

Call me crazy, but since I got my first Covid vaccination a few weeks ago, I have had unusually vivid dreams most nights. Some of them are of the repetitive, frustrating variety, but some of them are pretty entertaining, and a few even resolve themselves, more or less.

A lot of the time I find myself in Las Vegas or New York City, for some reason. This morning I was crossing the street in Times Square. A taxi knocked over a plastic drum that was serving as some kind of road barrier, but no one was hurt; no one even looked. Then I was in a piano bar, where Mick Jagger sang "Angie." By the end, Mick was so moved that he hung his head and cried real tears. 

His piano player, a long-haired guy, merrily banged out another song, mugging at me. The fans were crowded around the piano, partying on and yelling for more. Stepping behind the pianist, I noticed, just above the sheet music, a video screen or window, where I gazed upon none other than Elton John. He was sitting at a big round table, outdoors on a big lawn, with a dozen or so folks seated around the table with him. They were all having a grand time. Elton had on his straw hat, and he was keeping the party amused. "Everybody loves Elton," I thought.

By then, my brain had done whatever it needed to do, and I woke up. But the dream had been unusually intense, and it was on the tail end of several others, whose details I thankfully don't remember, all in one night. I didn't get out of bed for a long time, and when I did, I felt like I had been somewhere else, far away, for quite some time. It left me a little groggy, actually.

If you haven't had the shot yet, be prepared for some fireworks in your dream world. It's like a free Netflix subscription.

Of course, it could be something else bringing on these visions. Maybe it's the hair. It's been 14 months since I last had it cut.


  1. That’s funny Jack. I too have strange and vivid dreams every night, and I haven’t even been vaccinated yet. I drink the drink Kava a lot and man oh man that is a one way ticket to bizzaro dreamworld. Everything from trying to kill off shape shifting murderers to animals that don’t even exist trying to get at my dog. And like yours, the constant is always the ending up in any number of large US cities and finding myself in bizzare situations. I quite like it.....it is better than witnessing airplane crashes which used to be a nightly occurrence for me.


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