Guess what else is "for the children"

The grammar school next to the immigration jail in Portland's South Waterfront (SoWhat) District has resumed in-person instruction. But now, in addition to worrying about school shooters and Covid, the kids and the teachers get to worry about all the chemical weapons that the feds have been spraying all over the grounds eery other night to repel the black-clad avengers of all societal wrongs.

Those poor kids.

The feds don't care about them.

The cops don't care about them.

The Antifa rioters don't care about them.

The private landlord of the jail sure as hell doesn't care about them.

The City Council doesn't care about them, either.

That ICE thing never should have been sited there. But Creepy Sam, Nurse Amanda, Admiral Randy, Landlord Dan, Jelly Fish – they all played along.

It should be shut down. They can process and hold the deportees in that scary complex out by Ikea at the airport.

The kids' parents should call Merkley, Wyden, Bonamici, and Blumenauer. One parent a time. Every day. For a month.


  1. That location never made any sense whatsoever. It should have been sited out by the airport. Would be interesting to dig into the real estate deal on this one.


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