Blister on the heel

Joe Biden released his tax plan about a week ago. The reporters then ran over to Ron "Gatsby" Wyden, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, to hear what he thought.

Old Ron wasn't exactly gushing with enthusiasm. Raise the corporate tax to 28 percent? "We'll have to talk about it." Tax multinational companies on a country-by-country basis? "Everything's on the table." Repeal features of the Trump tax changes? "We should keep them and tweak them."

Where does he get this stuff? Surely not from constituents here in Oregon, where he purports to live. Gatsby must be listening, and/or answering, to someone else.

I'd welcome his hedging on the details of the Biden plan if he were placating other Senate Democrats in order to deliver a big win for the administration in the end. But Gatsby has never delivered a big win for anyone on anything. When he leads, nobody follows.

Keep an eye on that guy as various parts of the Biden agenda go down in flames in the senile chamber. He helped kill the public option during the Obamacare ordeal. I'm not sure whether it's malice or incompetence, but Gatsby is a prominent contributor to the national rot. 


  1. The rich don't pay taxes, the little folks do. They have all sorts of ways to protect their assets. Focus on the income rate sounds good, but has little impact on the super wealthy.

    As for Wyden- if the folks in Oregon had half a brain he would have been shown the door decades ago. Makes a good speech every now and again, but not a true Oregonian.


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