The tragedy that is Portland continued last night.

The festivities started out comically enough during the day, when Mayor Dud Wheeler "declared an emergency." This gives him special powers for everyone to ignore, on top of his regular powers that everyone chuckles at. He reminds me of Cartman, the kid on South Park screaming "Respect my authori-taahhh!"

But after dark, it got darker. The black-clad avengers of all social wrongs amassed downtown by the Justice Center, lit some dumpsters on fire, trashed a Starbucks again, spray painted the A-in-a-Hole logo all over everything, and then one guy cold-cocked a police sergeant on a bicycle. 

The cop in question is one of the front-line provocateurs of the riot squad, in everyone's face all the time, and one of the demonstrators apparently had had enough and nailed him right in the face. Down he went.

They arrested a grand total of two people. The alleged cop whacker is one Randy Gray, 34, booked and charged with assaulting a public safety officer, assault in the fourth degree, harassment, and some small change.

He caught some pepper spray, and who knows what else. But he's been released already.

Another dude, Kenneth Harold, 24, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief in connection with the Starbucks trashing.

The  cops' version is here.

The kids are coming back tonight for a rematch, apparently. What a town.


  1. There is no mystery.
    It will never stop until the police are allowed to adopt the Detroit Michigan approach.
    They do no allow any rioting, looting or destruction and do not retreat.
    It's that simple.
    Stopping crime requires enforcement with force and some criminals will inevitably get roughed up as they resist.
    Too bad.
    Rioting crime is either unacceptable like in Detroit or allowed like in Portland.


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