Another spliffy edition

Willamette Week
's obsession with demon weed continues this week. It's back on the cover.

With the Week, you always wonder why they make the choices they do. With cannabis, it makes sense. Their readership is probably of an age that's buzzed on rope fairly often. And so marijuana stories are good for  circulation.

There's also advertising. Pot shops seem like the type of business that the weekly would like to have buying ads. And they pay cash.

But the publication is so into pot that one has to think there's something more. You wonder whether somebody in power over there, or one of their relatives, owns a bunch of stock in the cannabis industry.

Ah well. Pot is the least of anyone's problems. In case you've forgotten, Oregon has decriminalized all the other street drugs, too. The adjustment to that new reality has not even begun. Drugs will be on all the covers very shortly.


  1. I find their coverage on marijuana issues to be totally irresponsible. Pot isn’t some benign way to find entertainment or escape the way it used to be. The stuff now is no longer the same stuff we bought back in the day at $10 for a lid. I think they are giving the impression that it is some harmless way to immerse yourself in the local ‘scene’ the same way drinking a microbrew is. I bet that there are tons of people who try it for the first time and have horrible experiences......but of course they never give those incidents any ink. Hipsters.


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