You must remember this

We'll be turning the clocks ahead an hour on Saturday night, if they're not smart enough to do it themselves. And so right about now is when social media starts to fill up with whining about it. I'm losing an hour of sleep, waaah!

And the calls will once again resound for the end of the semi-annual clock change. People will advocate for permanent Standard Time, or permanent Daylight Time.

I'm old enough to remember a year when we made Daylight Time permanent. It was during the gasoline crisis under Tricky Dick Nixon, and it was supposed to save energy. The problem was that without falling back in the fall, the kids wound up walking to school in the morning in the pitch dark.

[B]efore the end of the first month of daylight saving that January, eight children died in traffic accidents in Florida, and a spokesperson for Florida’s education department attributed six of those deaths directly to children going to school in darkness.

Trust me, permanent Daylight Time isn't going to work. Permanent Standard Time has got a better shot. But most of those fairweather sunsets would come earlier. People would complain that it cuts into their outdoor recreation time, school sports, that sort of thing.

Maybe we can compromise. Move everything by a half hour one way or the other, and leave it there. The Afghanistan system.

Or heck, just grin and bear it. You can leave the microwave flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00, forever. Put some electrical tape over it.


  1. Eh. I don't mind mixing it up a bit just for kicks.


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