Time's up at OHSU

There's trouble on Pill Hill. One of the anesthesia residents (no longer around) is accused of some nasty conduct with women. And the suits at the Med School are accused of not doing the right thing about it.

A lawsuit filed late Friday in federal court in Portland alleges [Jason] Campbell harassed a woman social worker from January through March last year, sending a pornographic photo of himself through social media and sexually charged text messages....

Then on March 12, the suit alleges, Campbell went into the woman’s office area at the medical center, crept up behind her and forcibly pressed against her so she could feel his erection.

The suit also claims that OHSU leaders “bury” sexual misconduct complaints by shaming and retaliating against people who report harassment while protecting those accused.

The university doctors, faculty and supervisors haven’t routinely reported sexual misconduct allegations to the OHSU human resources office, equal employment office or Title IX coordinator, as required by its policy, the suit says.

In Campbell’s case, OHSU and its leaders continued to glorify the resident and his viral dance videos despite knowing of the woman’s sexual harassment complaint against him, according to the suit.

Bad enough, but then last night comes this:

Not a good look, at all. Also of note:

The woman, who is not named in the suit, reported the allegations to Veterans Affairs police. A detective conducted a separate criminal inquiry and forwarded the case to Oregon’s U.S. Attorney’s Office for review on a potential harassment charge. No prosecution was pursued.

Sometimes you just shake your head.  


  1. Sounds like a very simple case of sexual harassment. You'd think that with Favre, Weiner, and others making the news, people would stop sending porn/selfies from their devices. You'd also think Campbell would know better than to grind on a co-worker. I bet a weekend in prison would be the best medicine to cure that problem.


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