The Precious

I got my first Covid vaccine today, at the Oregon Convention Center. It was an incredibly smooth experience. There were all sorts of people in uniforms there to help us: National Guard troops, doctors, nurses, and an army of volunteers. I was in and out of the building in less than a half hour. I stood in a line for less than three minutes. I left with my second dose appointment firmly scheduled.

Now, I have been unmerciful in criticizing our governor, "Killer" Kate Brown, and her all-purpose bureaucrat running the health authority, Patrick Allen. And the two of them deserve brutal criticism for a number of aspects of the vaccine distribution. Their crazy priorities regarding who gets the shot first have been atrocious. And for the wretched scheduling system that has burned through so many thousands of hours of people's time, Brown and Allen should be taken out and flogged.

But the mass vaccination operation at the Convention Center is truly impressive. Somebody who knows what they're doing designed that system, and whoever's in charge of the ongoing operation deserves a round of applause.

Not to jinx it, but it was really good. When I go back in three weeks, it will be with great optimism and gratitude.

Getting scheduled is the hardest part. Once you get there, it's a breeze.


  1. How did you get your appointment?

    1. I registered on the Oregon Health Authority vaccine website last week. Texts came in earlier this week that then got the ball rolling.

    2. Thanks. I'm registered and eligible as of today but still looking for the coveted time slot.

    3. I don't know how I got selected. It's pretty mysterious. My full story is here:

  2. Glad you got your vaccination. Just as a point of reference I saw it today that Oregon is at 9.1% of the population having received first dose compared to 9.0 in New Jersey and 8.4% nationwide. They're all terrible numbers and the registration systems could have been designed 100% better by a couple of hackers in a garage over a weekend if you supplied them with a couple of cases of beer and unlimited pizza


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