The other March madness

As I feared would happen, the black-clad avengers of all societal wrongs were out trashing the federal courthouse in Portland again last night. Fires, broken glass, everything but the fireworks.

Why? Pipelines across Indian lands, yada yada yada. There are a million wrongs; do the kids even need to name them any more? 

The feds came out, pushed people around, shot off some tear gas, etc. One person was "detained" – one.

Earlier in the day, the protester types had decided to occupy a bank branch downtown, because capitalism is bad, banks suck, yada yada yada. It got a little intense when a security guard drew a gun.

All so pointless. All so sad. And endless. It's still officially winter, and the games have already resumed.

Taking down Fencie from in front of the federal courthouse was a sort of dare to the anarchist set. The feds have already had to replace it with plywood. In Portland, this is called an improvement.

Until these people are dealt with, downtown is never coming back.


  1. I’m sick of this sh*t, we all protested in the sixties and seventies and didn’t find a need to be violent or destructive! I love this town and I’m afraid it won’t come back in my lifetime 💔

  2. I saw today that the Portland City Council will soon be considering a resolution to rebrand Portland from the "Portland - The City of Roses" to "Portland- The City of Riots".

  3. Pretty obvious these "mostly peaceful protesters" really don't want to work for change. They just want to pout like the little 2 year-olds. Another indicator how abysmal our public education system has become. Keeping our youth in perpetual childhood with no ability to reason for themselves.

  4. All of the previous riot damage had been repaired before the barrier was removed.
    Now the destruction resumes and Portland's police will not stop them because it would take force.
    This is a recipe for perpetual ruin.


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