The answer for everything

It doesn't take a Ph.D. in sociology to notice that the public safety situation in Portland has deteriorated drastically in the last few years. If you aren't hit by a stray bullet, you might be run over by a speeding driver. Everywhere you go, you'll step over homeless people, be aggressively panhandled, and look at garbage and graffiti. Heck, even the cops might kill you.

City Hall has a solution, of course: a new layer of bureaucracy! Three hundred grand for a new super-chief, but don't call him that.

Let's see. Under Portland's primitive "system" of government, we already have three city council members and the chiefs they've hand-picked running public safety. With benefits and minions, that's probably close to two million right there. But it's not enough. Now we need another $300K.

I wish the guy who is getting the new job, Mike Myers, luck. But I wouldn't expect anything meaningful to happen except his salary.


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