So many apples

I'd be remiss if I didn't post a link to this story from the weekend, rounding up some of the Portland police misconduct cases of the last couple of years. A few eyebrows have been raised, as they should be.

A Portland police officer who deliberately delayed responding to a welfare check call in 2019 and then let the suspect walk away was fired after he misled internal investigators about what he did, according to bureau records made public this month.

The officer made a bogus remark to witnesses, telling them something like: “Due to the Obama administration,” police don’t chase known suspects, according to a summary by the Police Review Board....

In the welfare check case, sources familiar with the investigation said it was Andrew Caspar who was fired.

State records show Caspar was fired by the Police Bureau last Aug. 18 after going on leave on Aug. 28, 2019. He joined the bureau in July 1998. The Portland Police Association is challenging Caspar’s termination and has been in arbitration this past week.

You can imagine what we'd hear about if Portland had a meaningful police discipline system, as opposed to the sham we have now. But even the current system never fails to supply some head-shakers.

Kudos to Oregonian reporter "Maximum" Maxine Bernstein, who dug out the allegedly bad cop's name. The names are usually kept secret. What a joke.