Should Cuomo pack it in?

The whole Andrew Cuomo scandal is so troubling, and so disappointing. There's no way to condone the way this guy acts around women. He knows better. And some of his gross antics were quite recent.

But we're at war right now. It's the Republican Party and the Q crazies (greatly overlapping sets) on the one side, and democracy and the Constitution on the other. Cuomo's been a high-ranking general on the right side in that war. Do we really want to can him?

People are drawing the obvious parallels to Al Franken, who probably would have been a good person to have in the Senate during the Trump sedition (which is still continuing in one form or another). Al was a pig, deserving of punishment, but he was our pig.

As I say, it's all so troubling and disappointing. Whatever happens now, it won't be good.


  1. This is all a distraction from his serious legal issues with putting people back in Nursing homes after they were infected. The number now stands at more than 10 thousand unnecessary deaths. That is what he should resign for and possibly go to prison.


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