That's an order

Oregon's governor, "Killer" Kate Brown, rankled quite a few old folks around the state when she moved teachers, other school employees, and prisoners ahead of the law-abiding elderly in line for Covid vaccination. Now she's rankling in the opposite direction, ordering public school teachers back to the classroom on a firm schedule that starts right after spring break.

The order directs school districts to open for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade on or before the week of March 29, and for students in grades 6-12 on or before the week of April 19.

We'll see if that happens. The teachers will go back when their unions tell them they should. I suspect that many of the teachers will not have had their booster shots, and another two weeks to get their immunity up, by the 29th. And of course, none of the kids will be vaccinated. Nor will most of their parents.

So far, the unions are not jumping up and saying, "Aye aye, governor!" Far from it.

The union message calls on leaders in school districts where agreements haven’t been reached to continue bargaining “in good faith with local educators to craft plans that will truly serve all of our students.”

Elizabeth Thiel, president of the Portland Association of Teachers, stressed the need for a safe plan for all students, especially those most impacted by COVID-19.

“We also need to make sure that before just bringing people into buildings to say that buildings are open, we need to have a plan that’s going to make sure that kids’ needs are being met,” Thiel said. “And that it’s not some kids get something at the expenses of others... centering our most impacted students and families in the plans that we’re making.”

For those folks who are still waiting for their shots while young school employees and prisoners have gotten theirs, Brown's performance on Covid vaccination has been a major turnoff. She had better at least deliver for the harried parents who desperately yearn for their school-age kids to get out of the house. But if the teachers won't show up, school's still going to be out.

By the way, Brown got her shot today. She is 60 years old.