On the back burner

Before I forget, I want to take note of this story from last week, wherein it was reported that the guy who took down Neil Goldschmidt's photo from a Portland City Hall wall and publicly burned it is not going to be prosecuted. 

The man who did the deed has agreed to stay out of City Hall for a year. That's easy, he says. He's moved out of Portland and lives in Marion County now.

You wonder why the city wouldn't have taken the photo down, after the state did the same. Perhaps it was because many Goldschmidt lieutenants are still in high places, and nepotism may extend their reign for a few more decades.

As for Himself, he's apparently still alive somewhere. He's 80 years old.


  1. My guess is that Goldschmuck is hiding in his ill-gotten vineyards, somewhere in the south of France.


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