Nutsy's last stand

I see that the XRAY radio station has finally gotten Jefferson Smith, the former mayoral candidate lately turned media mogul, out the door. He'd been red-tagged for misconduct months ago, but he was still hanging around. So everybody else started quitting. At the rate things were going, he was going to be the last one left.

The voters of Portland dodged a bullet when Willamette Week spilled the beans on Smith's problems years ago and effectively killed his mayoral ambitions. But it's too bad they also had to put a hit out on his rival, Eileen Brady, so that their boy Char-Lie Hales could be mayor. Char-Lie kept the city rolling down the disastrous path to the tatters of a community that we are left with today.

Anyway, where's Smith heading next? Wherever it is, I hope they have good shielding. He's more radioactive than XRAY will ever be.