"It's a business"

That's what they say when players are traded in sports.  Today fans of pro hoopsters Rodney Hood and Gary Trent, Jr. are saying it. Those two have been shipped off from Portland to Toronto in exchange for a guy named Norman Powell.

Powell is a hot-shooting guard who wants to start. The Blazers already have two of those. Now they have three. Doesn't sound like a recipe for success.

Hood and Trent gave Portland some great moments. Who knows where life will lead them eventually? But for now, it's Toronto. Actually Tampa, which is where the Canadian team has been playing its home games in this second season of Covid.

Trent apparently wanted more money than the Blazers were willing to pay him. Hood has a big contract, but he's never been himself after a wicked injury sidelined him for quite a while.

Farewell to those two. There are probably plenty of times ahead when Portland will wish they were still around.