It gets worse

That Clark County judge who was caught spouting one inappropriate comment after another on video last week was reportedly having his bias-filled courtroom chat with not just a court clerk, but a court commissioner. In Washington, court commissioners can preside over some criminal matters.

The commissioner, identified as Abigail Bartlett, sat and listened to the 70-year-old jurist's out-of-line, nine-minute rant about the police killing of Kevin Peterson, Jr. without speaking up in disagreement.

Apparently the other district court judges up there issued a statement this morning saying they don't agree with the comments of the judge, Darvin Zimmerman. But so far, I'm not hearing them issue any call for him to get off the bench.

Zimmerman should be gone. Today.

UPDATE, early afternoon: The Columbian newspaper really gets into it, here. Full transcript of the rant included.