How it's done

While Portland keeps dithering about how to set up a meaningful discipline system for its wayward police force, the folks in New York City have made some major moves with theirs.

The New York City Council passed a series of reforms for the New York Police Department on Thursday, including ending qualified immunity for officers, which protected them against civil lawsuits.

The package of legislation included five bills and three resolutions that provide additional oversight and require more transparency from the department....

This includes allowing the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to investigate police with a history of bias and racial profiling complaints, as well as giving the board final authority on discipline recommendations for officers. Previously, the police commissioner had the right to disregard recommendations, which was a point of concern during the internal review of Officer Daniel Pantaleo regarding the death of Eric Garner.

There really is no reason, other than incompetence, that the Portland City Council doesn't figure out what it wants, take it down to the blue, blue state Legislature to get it approved, and then impose it on the cops.

But dream on, that will happen the day after they ban assault weapons. It would take guts and smarts, which are in short supply at City Hall and the State House.