Big heart

While we're talking March hoops this sunny morning, I see that Jusuf Nurkic is expected back in the Trail Blazers' lineup in the next week or two. I'm such a cynic when it comes to Blazer big men; they all seem doomed. But maybe Nurk, who's broken a lot of bones lately, can finish out the season without another ambulance ride.

Regardless of his ability to play, here's an article about the charitable stuff he's doing back home in Bosnia. 

ESPN’s “The Jump” highlighted the philanthropic work Nurkic’s done in his native country which includes donating $50,000 worth of PPE kits to hospitals struggling with COVID-19, donating $40,000 to help rebuild a roof on the largest hospital in his hometown, building homes for three single mothers and families, donating 5,000 food packages which helped 12,000 people and more....

The Trail Blazers center detailed the hardships women face in the Bosnian community, including having to wait over two years to get a mammogram due to limited resources. That’s why Nurkic stepped in to donate mammogram machines to Bosnian hospitals in need.

Impressive. Go Nurk.


  1. We deserve one playoff run with everybody healthy. Nurk is one of the good guys for sure.


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