Ask not what's in the soup

I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the Covid vaccine at work. But lately I've been sleeping hard and dreaming vividly.

Last night I was having lunch with a young John F. Kennedy. We were side by side at a long table. There were other people around. Maybe it was a lunch break at a conference in a hotel. But the conversation was just between the two of us.

I noticed that his nose was smaller than I had pictured it.

I was asking Kennedy why he thought it was that as we get older, our focus gets narrower. My theory was that as we sense our time on this earth running shorter, we strive harder to get really accomplished at something. This makes us abandon pursuits that we've started but we know we can't ever be good at.

My theory was pretty tentative, and I was really interested in what JFK would have to say in response. He seemed like such a kind man.

But just then Winston the cat moved a lttle, and I woke up.

Come to think of it, it might have been the Guinness.