Another Mulligan

The Covid mass vaccination site at the Oregon Convention Center has been up and running for nearly two months now. But they're still trying to set up a decent system for people to schedule their shots.

Today they announced yet another iteration of the appointment process. This is at least the third version that I've seen; there may have been more.

It sounds like it might actually work this time, at least if you're on the internet.

Portland area seniors will no longer have to wait for a phone call from an overburdened call center to schedule an appointment, once they have been randomly selected from the state’s registry. Rather, many will be emailed an individualized link which they can use to select from available appointment times and book appointments on their own, state officials said.

It's been a stressful time for seniors and others desperate to save their lives and get them back. The state botched the appointment process pretty badly. Let's hope this new version ends the chaos that resulted from wasting the nine months they had to prepare.

Fun fact: The new system is being put together by an outfit called Epic. That adjective aptly decribes the effort to date.