A time to build up

There was a running joke throughout the Trump years: "Is it Infrastructure Week yet?" One of Orange Caligula's campaign promises had been to revitalize the country's infrastructure. But he was so busy destroying the nation's institutions, inflicting multiple outrages on the public every day, doing the work of Vladimir Putin, and implementing the racist fantasies of Stephen Miller, that it quickly became clear that infrastructure improvements weren't ever going to happen.

Now Joe Biden is talking the same line. Will anything get done this time around? The administration will have to navigate some tricky waters in both houses of Congress, but it's possible. Especially if "earmarks" can be restored, and targeted pork can be used to buy off intransigent legislators.

Lord knows, our country could use a sprucing-up. And our economy could use a bunch of jobs. And our planet could use less abuse. It would be great if the government could help, for a change.


  1. It's all one big party and you and me ain't in it. So now we have the good pirate at the helm. Although this one isn't even allowed to steer the ship.


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