The easy question

Our reader with the Covid-related tax and legal questions sends in this additional one:

How about my ability to deduct certain costs as a business expense? Working from home would be impossible without an internet connection so can people deduct the cost of their internet provider? How about expensing their computer if they aren’t using their employer's? And then there's the cost of heat and light which, for them, would have been less if they were working in an office. I'm willing to bet that those employers who have worker working from home will continue to deduct those costs for their offices.

This one's easy. Unreimbursed employee business expenses are what they call "miscellaneous expenses," and under current law, they're not deductible. That's slated to change in 2026, but even then, only a tiny percentage of the population will get a deduction.

So reader, on that one there's not much to talk about. No.