The computer's decision is final

I've been watching a little bit of the professional tennis from Australia, where it's mid-summer and there's hardly any Covid. It looks like they're having fun down under.

One thing you notice right away about the tournament is that they've done away with human line judges. The ball is called in or out by the Hawk-Eye computer vision system, and that's all she wrote. Previously, humans made those calls, subject to appeal to the Hawk-Eye. But heck, it makes a lot more sense to just let the robots judge the bounce in the first place.

It's sure different from the traditional scene, but I think it's a good move. I'd like to see baseball do the same with balls and strikes. The inconsistencies of human umpires are a frustrating part of that game. Get them out of the picture, at least when judging whether the pitch is in the strike zone, and let everybody adapt to the cameras.