Reed's Hamilton

I just now noticed that Kimberly Clausing, until quite recently an economics professor at Reed College here in Portlandia, has been chosen by the Biden folks to run the Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Analysis as a deputy assistant secretary.

Smart move on their part. Clausing's big into international tax rules, which are the most challenging in the entire U.S. tax maze, but she'll be good no matter what she works on. So nice to have competent people running things.


  1. Let's hope she can do something about FATCA, which is making the lives of way too many expat Americans a living tax hell.

    1. If you're going to tax people based on citizenship alone (Congress's call, not Treasury's), FATCA is the natural outgrowth. Although those FBAR penalties, holy Toledo (Ohio or Spain)!

      I see Tina Turner is going into the RnR HOF. I believe she renounced her U.S. citizenship a while back. I think it was a tax thing, not really political.


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