Portland cops: Blame it all on the Antifa

The Portland police have been doing some serious whining lately. It seems as though every time they report on their latest interaction with the city's black-clad justice league, they have to lard their account with a complaint that, gosh, they could have been doing other things. This has been going on since the summer. Guys, we get it.

Take Friday night, for example. The avengers of all social wrongs were having a dance patrty downtown in Director Park, and the police showed up, at least to watch. Then the crowd marched over to the Central Precinct to hassle the cops further. Here's from the official report:

In an effort to avoid confrontation and de-escalate the situation, and due to lack of available resources, officers remained out of sight as much as possible. However, officers were forced to monitor in case the group became more violent or caused damage to city property. While officers were occupied with that, there were calls stacking up in the precinct, including numerous calls for welfare checks on houseless community members who were exposed to the frigid weather. Among other duties, officers were facilitating getting those individuals to warming shelters if they wished. 

I hope the cops weren't trying to chew gum at the same time. I guess we're all supposed to say, "Gee, we need more police" and "Gee, why can't they pay more overtime and get more officers on hand?"

And they've always got some additional little detail that shows what victims they are.

There were police vehicles parked outside the precinct. As officers went out to move their cars in an effort to prevent them from being damaged, the officers were pelted with icy snowballs by participants. 

Note, not just snowballs – icy snowballs! It's like a couple of seven-year olds at the principal's office door complaining about what the sixth graders are doing out in the schoolyard.

After a while, the angry young people marched around and broke the windows of some businesses. I guess the cops were still "avoiding confrontation and de-escalating the situation" by not bothering to keep an eye on them. And as usual, it ends with:

No arrests have been made and no one was injured. If anyone has information about the suspects who vandalized the businesses or harassed officers, please refer to case number 21-39817 and e-mail crimetips@portlandoregon.gov. 

Portlanders, whatever we're paying the po-po, I think that maybe, just maybe, we're being taken for a ride.