No to Billy Joe

I see that President Biden is asking for the resignation of all the U.S. attorneys appointed by Orange Caligula. That would include Oregon's fearless U.S. attorney, Billy J. Williams.

Williams was a faithful lieutenant to Trump, to former Attorney General Bill Barr, and to the wicked "homeland security" secretary, Chad Wolf, who was never legitimately appointed. Williams defended the use of massive amounts of tear gas and other chemical weapons on downtown Portland streets. He did not lift a finger when the federal stormtroopers were shooting projectiles at demonstrators' faces and kidnapping them in unmarked rental vans, far from the federal facilities the mercenary jackboots were supposed to be "defending."

And since the summer, Williams has gleefully played second-string county prosecutor, bringing charges that the real D.A. has decided not to bring. Williams has dusted off federal "cvil disorder" laws of dubious origin to impose the federal will when there's no legitimate federal interest involved.

And now he gets to turn his resignation in to the White House. I hope it is the first one accepted. Williams needs to retire and stay home in Hood River, doing whatever it is that people do out there.