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The fiasco known as the Oregon Covid vaccine rollout continues tomorrow, when reports are that more appointments will be made available to those 70 years old and older. I should put the word "available" inside quotation marks, because the computer system that's being used to handle the scheduling obviously isn't up to the task.

Supposedly they're working on it today.

“We’ve never experienced this much demand for this system before,” Terrett said.

Many complaints involved the capcha section of the appointment site in which the user is required to prove they are not a robot by clicking all the windows that involve a streetlight or some other image.

Users told KGW the site froze when they got there and kicked them out, forcing them to start over and join an ever-growing group of people trying to secure appointments.

“We’ve never had that before,” Terrett said.

The need for an adequate computer system to handle a crushing volume of requests for vaccine was obvious a year ago. But they are getting right on it today.

Good luck in the morning, Granny! Try hard tomorrow, because I and another hundred thousand spritely 65-year-olds will be in there battling against you next week.


  1. I heard yesterday that one state added a help line for seniors and others who couldn't navigate the computer system and it helped immensely.

  2. A friend is trying to get an appointment at Albertsons for the vaccine but their schedule remains full. If new dyes and times added, the lucky ones will be those who know the exact moment when the site is updated. After 10 minutes all the spots will be gone. Too many of us Baby Boomers -it’s been the same story since the day I was born.


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