Less = much more

I will never forget the night, not that long ago, when we walked exactly two blocks from our front door and enjoyed a show by the jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano. The venue is gone now, but that one night, it really happened. If it were up to me, they would put a plaque on the front of the building to mark the occasion.

I also saw Joe working with John Scofield at Revolution Hall one night. It must have been the Jazz Festival.  To have those two playing off each other was a rare joy.

I had lost track of Joe's doings until yesterday, when a review in the New Yorker caught my eye, of his new record, Garden of Expression. It's the second of two albums by his latest combo, Trio Tapestry, which is committed to a quiet, almost meditative, vibe. New Age can be a snooze sometimes, but this is anything but that. Peace without numbness. Bravo, Joe.