Jaime sticks her neck out further

I noted with raised eyebrow a while ago that Jaime Herrera Beutler, the Congresswoman from the 'Couve, was one of the few Republicans who voted to impeach Orange Caligula. My brow is lifted even hgher today as Herrera-Beutler has been making a big stink about the infamous phone call between the would-be dictator and his devoted lackey, Kevin McCarthy, as the insurrection was in progress.

Jaime says that Kevin told her that he informed Trump that the mob was just outside his door. Trump said something to the effect of, "Too bad, Kevin, that's what you get for disobeying me." There was some screaming and cursing.

Now they're talking about putting her statement on the record of the impeachment, and for a while there they were even debating the idea of calling witnesses to document the whole thing.

The story of the phone call is not new. I remember reading about it a few hours after it happened. But the Republicans want it forgotten as soon as possible, and their gal Jaime from the 'Couve isn't letting that happen.

What I don't understand is why McCarthy gets a free pass. He should be put under oath and required to say what took place on the phone call. Herrera Beutler's account is hearsay. McCarthy is around, isn't he? That he isn't being required to make a statement confirms what a joke Congress is.

Anyway, getting back to Herrera Beutler, just voting for impeachment was enough to complicate her career prospects considerably. But stepping up as she is now is going to make her life so much worse than that. You can imagine the threats she'll get. And given who lives on the outskirts of her district, those will not be threats she can laugh off.

I'm sure she'll be hailed by some as a hero, but still I have no use for her. I hope she loses her next election, and that seat becomes a Democratic Party seat. If she gets a third-party challenger, that's a real possibility.