It was Zero, all right

I see that the Portland bureau of "transportation" is admitting that its "Vision Zero" campaign to reduce traffic deaths was a waste of time and money. 

My friend Chris summed it up quite well: "White people love data and graphs, until it all points in the wrong direction. Then they quietly throw it all in the trash and start a new graph."

Portland's "transportation" bureaucrats are ridiculous. If it isn't about putting a bike path where it isn't wanted, they don't know what they're doing. They print up yard signs that say "Slow Down," instead of doing something that might actually, you know, slow speeders down.

They perceive their job as making your life as miserable as possible if you have the nerve to drive a car. It's all in the name of health and safety, but as "Vision Zero" makes clear, it's just junk sociology and "urban planning." Oh, and there has to be an "equity" thing, too, of course. Always with the "equity."

They waste a lot of money. We're still paying people to run "Sunday Parkways," except that we haven't had one of those events in a year and a half and probably won't have one for another year and change. In the meantime, they have people posting healthy recipes on Facebook. I wish I was kidding about that.

The kids want to Defund the Police. I'd like to see us Defund the Transportation Bureau, too. It's mostly a miserable burn pit for tax dollars.


  1. If I hear one more politician use the lack of sidewalks in Cully and other neighborhoods as a platform I will throw up. It's been YEARS and they still don't exist. But I see a lot of new bioswales in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood (and yes, I am an environmentalist, I just also care about the ability of people to walk safely down the street). Priorities people, priorities!


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