Groundhog (Ski) Day

Days when you can ski the streets of Portland are unusual, but two days in a row is a truly rare situation. Last night, as the east wind howled and ice pellets and freezing rain pelted us, I thought for sure that yesterday's ski session was not going to be repeated.

But I was wrong!  Just a little powder of snow fell on top of the ice this morning, and except for a few minutes in early afternoon, it stayed below freezing, so it was all systems go.

I saw that there was even a ski race somewhere in town today, but not for this guy. Slow and steady. I did a bottom plant at one point toward the end, but it was painless and quick. Having just been out there yesterday, the movements were a lot easier.

There were plenty of people out, mostly enjoying the scene. I saw one group digging a van out of an icy parking spot. They all pushed, maybe a half dozen people. Finally they got it going, with a cheer.

Skiing around the neighborhood is just a dream, something in the back of my mind, except this weekend. Wow.


  1. Wow is exactly right. How wonderful our city still can be on days like this.


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