Getting closer

Well, snow is the story for Portland, and the professional weather guessers are sticking to it. It may start tomorrow as rain, and end on Sunday as freezing rain, which is always a problem. But it's looking like a white Valentine's weekend. On and off snow for a few days.

It's cold enough. Overnight we had that still, mid-winter cold. Pretty soon it will be that wicked, east-wind cold that blows right through our old houses.

I guess today will be the day when people go crazy and rush to the supermarkets and buy out everything. Bread, probably. What else? Toilet paper, of course, but that's been the case for nearly a year. Bottled water, maybe.

I'll bet the liquor stores and the weed shops will have a good day. If the weather gets really extreme, I may eat a third of an edible. That stuff is way more potent these days than I'd ever need. If I did a whole one, I'd be making snow angels.

If we're really lucky, we'll get a few inches of snow on the ground and be able to ski the streets. No better way to get around. But whatever the ritual, I hope my fellow Portlanders have a great storm.

That is, if it actually happens.


  1. A full edible might lead to a scene like this:


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