"Don't call us, we'll call you"

The Oregon Covid vaccine fiasco rages on. Today they announced that they won't be taking any more appointments for shots at the Oregon Convention Center. Instead, you're supposed to enter some information into their website and they'll call you back someday, when there are appointments available.

"Trust us, we'll call you. We've done so well with this, nothing will go wrong."

How will they decide who gets called? First come, first served? According to "equity"? How many times will they try to reach you before they move on to the next person? And how will you know that that's happened?

Given the clown show so far, I'd say old people might want to try getting an appointment with an undertaker. It will go a lot more smoothly.


  1. A healthy immune system is better than a vaccine, but that discussion is not allowed in our current medical system that is funded and managed by big pharma.


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