Crime and punishment in Clackamas County

I see that the Oregonian (or whatever it is now called) has finally caught up to the latest in the Lake Oswego deer head terrorist story that we've been following. Their version of the week-old tale is here.

For some reason, the O refuses to show what the deer head terrorist looks like. "Boys will be boys," I guess. (At least, if they're white.) But here. For the record, once again, here he is.

T.J. Jakmauh

Maybe the media will show the guy's face the next time he gets himself in trouble with the law. You hope that never happens, but at the rate he's going, the odds aren't good.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Bryan J. Brock said he understood Lant’s concerns but that little evidence existed to support the elements of a bias crime....

“It was a 19-year-old who made a stupid mistake and ended up taking responsibility for it,” Brock said.

You can't help but imagine what would have happened if an out-of-town Black man had thrown a severed deer's head next to a Trump sign in somebody's front yard in Mollala. Then got busted for drunk driving a few nights later. Something tells me that 40 hours' community service and a "stupid mistake" speech would not have been the outcome.